swishcheese's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1,139 (From 212 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 17,645 Points


Obedient Unlocked 2/26/14
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
World 1 Unlocked 2/26/14
10 Points
Finish world 1
World 2 10 Points Finish world 2
World 3 10 Points Finish world 3
World 4 10 Points Finish world 4
Final boss 25 Points Beat the final boss
Collect all the coins 50 Points Collect all the coins and unlock the secret ending

Medals Earned: 2/7 (15/120 points)

take care of the trees

A Blocked Path Unlocked 5/7/12
5 Points
Talk to your brother.
Home Sweet Home Unlocked 5/7/12
5 Points
Try to enter the house.
It's Dangerous to go Alone Unlocked 5/7/12
5 Points
Get the axe.
Pull it! Unlocked 5/7/12
5 Points
Pull the switch.
You Win..? Unlocked 5/7/12
25 Points
That was a weird game.
Shameless Self Promotion 5 Points Visit my world wide website.
Side Effects Include.. 5 Points Talk to the suspicious caravan.
Fire and Brimstone 10 Points Burn down all the houses.
Mr. Literal 25 Points Cut down all of the trees.

Medals Earned: 5/9 (45/90 points)

Talesworth Adventure Ep.1

A Novice No More Unlocked 4/15/10
5 Points
Solve every medium (teal) room
Noob Test Unlocked 4/15/10
5 Points
Solve every easy (blue) room
True Adventurer Unlocked 4/17/10
10 Points
Solve every challenging (red) room
Warrior Proper Unlocked 4/17/10
10 Points
Solve every hard (purple) room
Glutton for Punishment Unlocked 4/17/10
25 Points
Solve every bonus (green) room
Hoard the Hoard Unlocked 4/17/10
50 Points
Slay the Talesworth Dragon and obtain his hoard
Purveyor of Finery 25 Points Collect all 25 gems located throughout the castle
Thinking Things Through 50 Points Complete the game using 5 or less Resets

Medals Earned: 6/8 (105/180 points)

Tankman Training

Ready to Roll Unlocked 8/20/13
10 Points
Complete level 1
Boulder Dash 25 Points Complete level 4
Bridge's Out 25 Points Complete level 3
Flipper 25 Points Complete level 5
Rough Terrain 25 Points Complete level 2
Bite Marks 50 Points Complete level 6
Floor Master 50 Points Complete level 9
Safety First 50 Points Complete level 8
Squeeze Time 50 Points Complete level 7
License to Tank 100 Points Complete level 10

Medals Earned: 1/10 (10/410 points)


HIROSHIMA Unlocked 12/23/09
10 Points
Nuke more than 20 enemies at once
DOUBLE WHAMMY Unlocked 12/23/09
25 Points
Get a multiplier on a boss
MY EARS! 5 Points Have an attraction beam live for 15+ seconds
STRAGGLER 5 Points Beat the game with one missile still left on the screen
YOU'RE A WINNER! 10 Points Beat the game
AL GORE WOULD BE PROUD 25 Points Get a full planet
C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! 25 Points Get hit after destroying exactly 30 enemies without getting hit
C-C-C-C-COMBO! 25 Points Get a chain of 10+
HUMANITARIAN 25 Points Heal an enemy ship
SIDEKICK 25 Points Have a spike at the end of the game
USA! USA! 25 Points Beat the game using exactly 2 nukes and have ones leftover at the end
USE THE FORCE! 25 Points Kill 1000 enemies
YOU'RE A REAL WINNER 25 Points Beat the game without continuing
PENTAFORCE 50 Points Get 5 spikes on the planet at once
THAT'S NO MOON 100 Points Convert a boss into a spike

Medals Earned: 2/15 (35/405 points)

The Breach

20 Kills Unlocked 7/29/10
5 Points
Kill 20 enemies
Kill First Boss Unlocked 7/29/10
10 Points
Kill the first boss
Game Complete 25 Points Complete the game
Kill 3rd Boss 25 Points Kill the 3rd Boss
20 Stars 50 Points Obtain 20 stars

Medals Earned: 2/5 (15/115 points)

The Company of Myself

New Friend Unlocked 11/25/12
5 Points
Complete level 1
Trust Exercise Unlocked 11/25/12
5 Points
Complete level 4
Bridge 10 Points Complete level 10
Vicarious? 10 Points Complete level 7
Sacrifice Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/5 (10/80 points)

the Engineer

Bomber Unlocked 11/14/11
5 Points
Place a bomb on destructible terrain
Maxified Armor 10 Points Fully upgrade your armor
Maxified Turret 10 Points Upgrade any turret to its maximum
Maxified Weapon 10 Points Fully upgrade a hand held weapon
Fully Loaded 25 Points Buy all hand held weapons at once
Survivor 25 Points Last 2 minutes in survival mode
Time for a FemBot 50 Points Finish Zach Scrap's Campaign

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/135 points)


Bubba Slap Unlocked 3/6/10
10 Points
Feel the Bubba-Wrath!
Spider Food Unlocked 3/6/10
25 Points
Feed your enemy a healthy snack!
Piggy PWN 10 Points Get totally pwnd by the Piggy
Gotcha 25 Points Be an easy target!
Lame Score 25 Points Come on, you can do better than this!
Great Score 50 Points You've done well my child
Scare the Boss 50 Points Even tough guys can run away
Beat the Game 100 Points Save Theia!
God Score 100 Points The Heavens must have gifted you way too much
Piggy Wiggy 100 Points Meet the final boss

Medals Earned: 2/10 (35/495 points)

These Robotic Hearts of Mine

Young love Unlocked 12/13/11
5 Points
Completed first 13 levels
Heartbreak 10 Points Completed first 25 levels
Those Robotic Hearts of His 25 Points Completed all levels
Robotic efficiency 50 Points Completed first 18 levels in minimal clicks
Perfectionist 100 Points Completed all levels in minimal ciicks

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/190 points)