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Not to bad. I like the style. I do not like that enemies when hit get stunned and then you cannot shoot them for sometime. Game play needs a little work. Could be faster pace or more tight. The jump seems a bit off.

Keep up good work. Looking forward to the finished game.

busypixels responds:

i think i will let the enemys be thrown a bit backwards instead of beeng stunned...
just like the player is when getting hit by a zombie...

and the movement defenitly needs some improvements ;-)

Great Game. For those of you who are having problems loading the game, play it on firefox or chrome. For some reason internet explorer had a problem for me when I tried to play it. If it still does not work, then make sure your flash player is updated.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Yup, that's the same advice I've been giving, too. Flash works in mysterious ways sometimes...sorry for the troubles, everyone!

And thanks to you for helping to let people know.

Its really simple to get past the first part, you have to grab the bag then press "B" to block the knives. Great Game!

ehhh alright.

But really? metal and rock combine to make a teleport??? that makes sense.

Great game!

but somehow I hacked it. Not on purpose though. When I died, I went to hit enter to skip chat, then I hit space bar, and it keep going through all the chats for the next level. I couldnt do anything but hit space bar to continue, then eventually I was on top of the earth.

cool game.

found a bug though. if you restart twice really fast the white fade screen stays up.


the sword attack was a bit weird and where is the music? Instead of having that annoying swim sound, why not just play a nice song loop through the game? Still it was still pretty good.

PsySal responds:

There are three original tracks composed for the game, the lack of overworld music is intentional; it creates a better effect when you encounter bosses which is the heart of the game. Movies do this too, for instance the climactic gun battle in the movie The Matrix is a great example; leading up to that there is no music at all for quite awhile.

If you didn't reach a boss yet, keep playing as there really is a lot more to it.

Good game.

but I dont like the editor. Having to move and minimize the tool bar was annoying, maybe If the icons where smaller and you could move if off to the side would be nice. Music kinda annoying too, but other than that good game play, graphics, and concept. Good job!

Very fun!!

it was pretty fun, especially slaping the co-worker. I slapped him randomly not caring about the points because its worth it. The game was a little to easy though, but it was really fun.

Very Good

this game is great like the other ones. i like the play with whoever you wanted feature. one thing though is it takes awhile for the transitions from room to room. It could be running slow on my computer, but it is great.

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